Gold Recovery

Gold Recovery process use Activated Carbon Coconut Shells with the hardness and large micro-pore volume to ensure rapid adsorption in gold processing. Gold is not always able to directly recovered using cyanidation. This process is characterized by the following chemical reaction. Activated charcoal or activated carbon coconut shell will absorb the gold or cyanide complex from the gold bearing stream. Activated carbon is generally employed to extract gold from ores or tailings, including carbonaceous ores which are not recoverable via cyanidation techniques.

Activated carbon is an excellent scavenger for small concentrations of dissolved gold and therefore it is likely that activated carbon will find increased use in finishing applications, such as in the removal of dissolved gold cyanide. The objectives to elucidate the exact mechanism by which carbon extracted gold cyanide, and also to investigate potential commercial applications of activated carbon in the gold recovery industry.


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