Activated Carbon Premium

In this series, you will get various activated carbons as your request mesh. Activated Charcoal or Activated Carbon Coconut Shell mesh 8×30 used in industrial water, water filter, or another water treatment process. Mesh 30×60 ; -30 ; -60 or powder used for remove volatile organic compounds; remove odor, air filter and odorous components from gas.

We have activated carbon factory in Indonesia, so we can offer you the best price. Because we have our own factory, the specifications of this product can be adjusted to your wishes, how the needs of the application that you will use, but still we only produce coconut shell activated carbon.

Product Specification
Description     Testing Method
Iodine Adsorption (ml/gr)10001050115012001250JIS K 1474
Butane Adsorption (%)2022242628ASTM D 5742
Ball Pan Hardness (%)9898989797ASTM D 3802
Apparent Density (gr/ml)0.46 Min0.46 Min0.46 Min0.46 Min0.46 MinASTM D 2854
Ash Content55555ASTM D 2866
Moisture Content (%)55555ASTM D 2867
pH9-119-119-119-119-11ASTM D 3838
Mesh Range (%)9090909090ASTM D 2862
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