Applications and Solutions for Water Treatment

Water Treatment
for water purification or water filter became common around the start of the 20th century when the activation process was applied to charcoal. Thermal activation of charcoal greatly improves pore volume, surface area and structure making it a super workhorse for water treatment or water filter. Activated charcoal or activated carbon coconut shell has a strong attraction for organic compounds and other non-polar contaminants and adsorbs them onto the carbon surface.

Activated carbon used to remove unwanted tastes, odors, radon, and some man-made volatile organic contaminants from drinking water. The efficiency of the unit depends on the type of activated carbon installed.

Water Filter

Activated carbons in water filter not adsorb every type of contaminant equally well. Activated carbon in water filter is easy to install and maintain, and operating costs are usually limited to filter replacement. Depend on the type and concentration of the contaminant being removed.

Municipal / Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Activated carbon is a good non-polar adsorbent because of its huge specific surface area and micro pore, good adsorption performance and recycling, it can be used together with a variety of substances to adsorb various properties of wastewater. Activated carbon with very good adsorbent in wastewater treatment, and itself is a green and pollution-free material. Its loose porous environment and high specific surface area provide it with excellent purification ability.

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