Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Water Filter

Despite the amount of water in this world, not all types of water are made clean. Let’s take an example of soil water. We know that the soil water must be purified first, especially if you want to drink it. That said, there is a certain system which is in charge to handle water purification. Coconut shell activated carbon water filter can be a purifying agent that helps you to cleanse the water from any impurities. 

Reasons to Use Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Water Filter

We can simply use any water filter to purify the water soil; but still, activated carbon water filer has never been out of people’s preference. There are many reasons why people choose this method over the other ways to purify water, especially the one using chemical agents and machine to purify. 

  • Cheap

It is not easy to earn money, and in such scenario of water purification, activated carbon can play as one of the best in price.


  • Natural

Water should not be containing any chemical agents that may damage us. Therefore, some people think that the best way to purify water is through a natural way as well. That said, activated carbon can be one of your choices.


  • Effective

Despite it being a natural and cheaper option for purifying water, it can be said that activated carbon is an effective way anyone can use to cleanse water.


  • Tasteless aftertaste

One specific feature about coconut shell activated carbon water filter is that this carbon is tasteless. This can be considered as something special—since the water that is filtered using other kinds of charcoals have ashy aftertaste.


  • It has micro-pores

What do micro-pores do in terms of water purifying? Well, according to some sources, activated carbon made from coconut shell has more porous surfaces. Coconut shell activated carbon water filter is also known to have higher density of tiny pores.


This makes the purifying feature of a coconut shell activated carbon is better than any other carbon, such as coal-based activated carbon. It will absorb more contaminants compared to ones from other kinds of activated carbons.


  • Renewable

While many people know about activated charcoal from coals, the popularity of coconut shell activated carbon water filter is still lacking. People must know that coconut shell activated carbon is a renewable, and it does not ‘emptying out’ as coals. The source is abundant and can even be replanted for more sources.


  • Environmental-friendly

For any activated carbon users that search for environmentally friendly resources of activated carbon, coconut shell can be a green source for it. The users can rely on coconut shells, simply because it is derived from a tree that takes carbon from the atmosphere and produces oxygen. 


Moreover, it is possible to make coconut shell activated carbon from heating process only. The term ‘heating’ here doesn’t mean to ‘burn’, so it is friendlier for the environment to have coconut as the source for activated carbon.

So, those are seven reasons why you should start using coconut shell activated carbon water filter. While it can be true that there are still fewer people using this kind of activated carbon, you can start the initiating moment to use the more sustainable activated carbon source.

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